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franchise opportunity

Ready to own a laundre laundromat?

Multiple cities & suburbs across Australia are primed and ready for the Laundré offering. It's the perfect time to invest!

Passive income strategy

A Superior Alternative to an Investment Property

A Laundré Laundromat is a much lower upfront investment compared with a typical investment property, with significantly better returns!

laundromats that redefine the customer experience



The Laundré Laundromat design is crafted by a construction/fit-out design team who are aesthetically and practically elevating the laundromat experiences as we know it.


lighting & DESIGN

Customers always feel safe and secure when using a Laundré Laundromat with a well-lit space and floor plan designed to eliminate ‘out-of-sight’ areas.



The constant drone of turning machines is no longer, with the hand selected variety of Laundré sounds, giving the customer a truly unique experience.



State of the art surveillance with UHD recording, live PA system and microphone enabled technology.



Open from 5am – 10pm. Early and late enough to cater for shift workers, but not late enough to attached randoms wandering the street through all hours of the night.


washing pods in store

Laundré Pods available for $3.30 in store. We use pods due to the simplicity of measurement and reduction of soap residue left behind, which minimises cleaning requirements.



A security guard will open the laundromat every morning at 5am and close at 10pm, at the same time conducting a risk assessment.



With state of the art machinery and systems, the Laundré laundromat is tech focused providing the customer with immediate assistance instead of having to wait for the owner to ‘pop down.’



A key consideration of each Laundré location is the amount of available car parks within a close proximity to the store. This is important for customers who have a large amount of washing.


entirely coinless

Every Laundré laundromat is cashless. We have designed it this way for a few important reasons like minimising and avoiding the spread of germs, coin jams and loitering.


No wash/fold service

Most laundromats utilise their floor space and equipment to maximise their revenue by offering a wash/dry/fold service. This is often a detriment to the self-serve customer experience.



A Laundré concierge is available during operation hours via the text message/SMS only line. These SMS numbers are specific to the laundromat.


Entirely coinless

Every Laundré laundromat is cashless. We have designed it this way for a few important reasons:

  • To minimise the transfer of any COVID or other spreadable bacteria, we've opted for a reduced touch experience, helping to keep the community safer.
  • Coins get jammed; whether is be non-Australian currency, old coins or simply foreign objects being lodged, coins always tend to jam.
  • Cash encourages loitering which is why no cash kept on site ensures the chance of robbery is non existent.

No Wash Fold Service

Most laundromats utilise their floor space and equipment to maximise their revenue by offering a wash/dry/fold service. This is often a detriment to the self serve customer experience due to the sheer volume of laundry, taking up all the machines and Laundromat owners making customers feel like they're intruding, or 'in the way'. Laundré is a resource for the community.

become a franchisee


If you are looking for an investment that has a proven track record and isn't affected by any market, a Laundré Laundromat is the perfect choice. There are some fundamental requirements to becoming a franchisee and we have new locations opening across Queensland & New South Wales regularly. Enquire below to find out more.


The Process

step one

Enquire Online

Enquire online by filing out the form to get started. This will be followed up with an informal, get-to know you phone interview.

step two

Online Interview

Interview with the Managing Director discussing the business model, potential sites and financial requirements.

step three

Legal & Docs

After signing an NDA, we will share high-level information for your due diligence, legal documentation and franchise agreements. We can assist with finance options too.

step four

Site Visit

A personal tour of a Laundré Laundromat showing you what happens operationally behind the scenes and how your investment will perform.

step five

Build & Open

With agreements & finance in place, the Laundré fit-out team will start construction. Three months later your Laundromat opens to the public!

Being a franchisee

What's it like?

A Laundré franchise is different in that it's passive, meaning you are not required to work in the franchise. As a franchisee, you can continue living life as you are now and checking your laundromat's performance via the Laundré Portal with the assurance that it is being managed for you.

laundre portal

everything you need to Run your laundromat Entirely from your device.

The Laundré portal is a comprehensive tool that allows you to remotely check in on your Laundromat. From anywhere. At any time.

The dashboard gives you a quick view of which machines are currently running and how much revenue you're generating. It also allows remote control over all of your machines, so you can make any changes needed without having to leave your office or home.See what's going on with your business with analytics, which allow you to drill down further into the numbers to get a better understanding of your business, assist in strategic decision making, and grow your business.

You can also check maintenance logs, track your bills, phone call logs, and even see what is happening in your laundromat live through the CCTV!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of FAQ's that potential franchisees are asking.

Do i have a say over the location?
Can I see how much I earn per day in real time?
How much does a Laundre laundromat cost?
What are the returns?
What if I want to run the laundromat myself?